Caesars are the best alcohol drink, though some people are severely weirded out by drinking something with clam juice in it. I’ll even post my recipe.


Rim a glass with celery salt, put in a celery stick and a couple ice cubes. Add-

4 dashes of lime

3 dashes worcestershire sauce

2 dashes tabasco sauce

1 shot of vodka

…and top it off with clamato juice. Easy!


What a week. Heater going out, found my Pirates of Penzance CD, had to solve my mom’s mysterious printer problems, Sherlock season finale, MONSTER TRUCKS, caricatures at the Chinese New Year festival, gettin’ misled by Eastern Europian Women, all this SOPA business, Megaupload gettin’ shut down, playin’ Skyrim and, as always, applying to jobs. Not 100% on what I’ll do with the comic once I get a job, but considering the amount of time I it takes to get around on the TTC, I’d probably just draft comics there and finish them at home. :/

In other news, next week I’ll have enough posts to apply to project wonderful! Then I’ll totally bombard ARG with ads for my terrible comic strip! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!