I have been obsessed with Benedict Cumberbatch lately for a variety of reasons. Firstly, the new Sherlock series is excellent. Secondly, his face. He looks like some kind of Lizard / Elf hybrid. Those cheekbones! Those eyes! Half of the pictures of him online are slipping into the uncanny valley– namely the ones where he’s looking off into the distance with that piercing glare. What makes it all weirder, is that despite all of that he’s good-looking, AND hard to get a likeness of. WTF. Finally, he’s been cast as the villain in the new Star Trek movie, but exactly what that role will be is currently unknown- which ties nicely into my other hobby: baseless speculation!

Man, I need to change my text link colour.


Oh, and fair warning, because someone will inevitably find out and accuse me of being a terrible human being. I originally posted this image as a reply to a thread on /r/sherlock last week. But I also put more time into making it this size and tightening up some of the images, bringing me over double the time it takes me to draw most comics- so I don’t really feel bad about posting it. Just about not posting it sooner. :/


30 comics, yay~