Lots of stuff done this weekend.

Listening to this song on loop for the past couple days got me wanting to draw some more Skrillex Cat! Had a lot of fun doing letra effects with this, even if it took way too long and didn’t wind up as funny as I had originally thought. Other than comics/extras, I spent a good bit of my weekend working on banner ads which are taking me way longer than I had thought they would, mostly because of my own indecisiveness, but partly because of my decision to use hand-lettering. Ah well. They’re starting to shape up anyways- so soon enough I’ll be banner swappin’ with the rest of the webcomics crowd.

Anyways, for those who missed it, I made a couple valentine’s images on the weekend, which you should check out if you haven’t already seeing as it is now Valentine’s day.

Finally, I have put a link to the comic’s facebook group on the left sidebar, so if you’re the kind of person who likes to join facebook groups without the hassle of searching for them, it’s your lucky day! Next job is to find a better way to differentiate between the page like and the facebook group like.