My laptop is acting weird today. Apparently the battery is toast- this does not bode well for my portable comic making machine. D:

Since we’re starting to get a bit more stable lately, I’ve been angling to get a cat. I’ve wanted a cat ever since I had to part ways with my first one. I love cats. This song? It’s about me. But it’s looking more and more like that’s not going to happen. It’s hard enough to find a decently priced place to live in Toronto, much less one that also allows pets. This has been my main obstacle for years. However, recently the severity of Adam’s cat allergy has moved from “maybe I’ll get tested to see if I have it” to “pretty bad”. He does get seasonal allergies, so I can’t hold it against him or say that I’m really that surprised- but in all likeliness I also can’t get a cat. Sucks.