I kept a tight lid on this one for a while, because people always seem to misunderstand it when I tell them- but I have a whole blog post to clarify, so ha!

I am not afraid of pictures of sharks. I am not afraid of videos of sharks. I am just afraid of actual, tangible sharks. Nope, don’t like ’em. Don’t want to swim with ’em, don’t even want to be within visual range of one.┬áBefore someone blames Jaws, it was totally Dangerous Creatures, the best CD ROM ever, paired with my overactive 1995 child imagination (and I think a couple James Bond movies may have helped me along as well.) Honestly though, as irrational fears go I don’t think sharks are too bad. It’s rarely an issue. Aquariums are actually pretty cool since they usually have the sharks in a tank separate from the other, less shark-like aquatic life.