Muh- so tired.

Here are some demon kitty sketches.


Comic pending, should be up sometime tomorrow during the day.

Tomorrow is my only free day all week, and the first one I’ve had since last Tuesday- I love me some caricatures, but dang is it hard to do anything else with a job this demanding. I tried to scan some bonus content for you guys in the meantime- key word tried. The scanner is bring horrible and so that does not seem to be in the cards.

I could…. regale you? With stories of caricature?

Today I drew a guy with an awesome brow ridge. I literally drew a continuous straight line for the whole thing. It was great- I failed to hurt his feelings though. I also drew a guy with a super tall forehead and receding hairline who kind of reminded me of Egon. Then there were the girls with sunglasses- ah. There are always girls with sunglasses. Seriously. Sometimes I think that girls hate their faces and require large sunglasses to hide 40% of it, like a reverse burqua. Anyhow I also did a really wicked one I wish I had taken a snapshot of. I drew based on the actual lighting instead of using generic lighting and it turned out really sharp- I should have snuck a bit of a darker tone into my shadows though.