It was super weird to see people decked out in Spain and Italy colours on Canada Day!

Been working a ton lately. Among other goings on, this week I finally made kaman’s elite– which basically means I’m awesome at caricatures. It’s been a goal of mine for a while now, and I’m quite pleased with myself. Tomorrow I finally have something that vaguely resembles a day off, so I should be back to my usual actual-comic-drawin’ self in no time.¬†Sorry for the graph joke <3

Maybe…. maybe I’ll actually have time to do laundry tomorrow? Or make food that isn’t a sandwich? Heavens…. maybe I’ll finally get those new CDs that I was going to do put together, or get some boring administrative work done. A girl can dream, I suppose. I’ll probably go to the park early and bum around with a sketchbook instead.