Tonight in an effort to add more exaggeration to my caricatre style I drew like, 7 caricatures of Adam- he drew some of me as well. This kind of makes me want to try doing more elements of my comic (i.e. lineart) in traditional media and just import the elements digitally. I mean- Tablets are nice and all, but you lose a lot of the tactile feeling of paper and line variance, even with pressure sensitivity and the zoom in/out just isn’t the same as drawing on a large piece of paper. I draw best with huge lines, which is just not an option on a 15″ screen. Of course a small part of why I started comicin’ was to brute force improve my photoshop drawing skills- higher quality, easier comics now? or skillz later? So hard to choose. Oh well. Trying new and varied techniques, more often than not, will usually help you learn the most and be the best. So I guess doing a couple non-standard comics is something I’ll do from time to time.

I tried to get him to bring one of these in for his desk at work, but he doesn’t want to for some reason. Weird.

Here’s a glorious bonus panel.