I don’t know what kind of secrets he thinks I have. Most of my secrets are boring things like “add stock to beans to make them taste better” or “don’t spend all of your money on stupid junk”. I mean, sure, there’s the occasional pin number or password but who ever says those out loud? Of course, now Adam thinks he has a direct line to my subconscious, through which he can pry all of my deep, dark, thoughts. Joke’s on him, it’s all meaningless gibberish based on whatever I happen to be dreaming about! Haha!

Also, Adam worries more about being spied on than any other person who has ever requested that I chronicle their misadventures and post them all over the internet for thousands of stranger all across the world to see.My current theory is that it’s some kind of weird cognitive bias where he’s fine as long as he isn’t being viewed in real time. Further studies required.

Oh, and I got promoted today. :D