I feel like dear diary-ing. Mind if I dear diary?



Oh man, this week is going to be crazy.

I’m going to Michigan’s Adventure! Apparently I’ll be there to check out their setup and talk to their caricaturists a bit, which should be super fun. I’ve heard they have excellent Antique Photo people there, which should be really interesting. So- I’m planning on setting up Thursday’s comic this afternoon to hopefully get some sweet, sweet auto-update action going on. Not sure about bringing my phone over there, apparently roaming charges are huge. Do hotels usually have wifi now? Aaaagh, so exciting!

Also, I talked to a small hyperactive child about Spiderman for like, 30 minutes, a comedian called me an asshole, I remembered to order extra pickles at McDick’s, and David got to draw a stripper caricature with the staging we talked about! What a great day!

P.S. Why can’t I stop eating these pistachios?


OH RIGHT- Amid my never ending scramble, I managed to do a guest comic for ARG. He’s a cool guy, and if you’re not reading his comic already I don’t know how the heck you found my website.

As a tribute to him, I have strewn these last couple lines with funny gifs.