As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been on a business trip for a few days- I’m wiped. Not only am I wiped, but I had to stay up until 5 making a schedule, and I just found out that my shift tomorrow is at noon, not 2. So, I’m going to bed instead of killing myself through lack of sleep. Seriously, I can’t even remember the proper comicpress file naming conventions, it’s that bad. By the by, sorry if I just spammed your RSS feeds with posts aimed at 2004.

Howeverrrrr- I can’t let myself not post *anything* for an entire Saturday. So here are some comics I wasn’t going to publish fresh from the ol’ sketchbook. They’re weird, they’re nonsensical, and they will hopefully be good enough to stand in until I can get a comic posted in the near future. I’ll probably delete this post and just put up the new strip instead, as this one would look weird in an archive.

tl;dr, come back later and enjoy the extra for now. Thanks for being understanding, guys. :)