Full time caricatures are nearly over! I can’t wait to see my friends and family again- if only because talking to people about things that aren’t work, how much of it I’m doing, and how they can help is an environment that’s much more conducive to writing good comics- or at least comics that aren’t about work and how much of it I’m doing. I’ve been trying to avoid those. They get old pretty quickly.

Any how, the all-too-familiar shift from having a job to looking for a new one starts anew. At least I have a fancy position to put on my resume this year, not that that’s likely to help me as much as a shiny new demo reel would. Alas.

On another shifting gears note: I’m about to have a lot more spare time to pour into the site and the comic (unless I land the first job I apply to). I’m going to start thinking about site changes (coloured text links- COMING SOON TO AN INTERNET WEBCOMIC NEAR YOU) and maybe going a bit more of a focused direction. It’s been almost a year now- I remember it was about this time last year I was starting to plan what eventually became this site.

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