Being woken up a minute before your alarm is one of the worst ways to wake up. Also, I can’t be the only person who sleeps with my phone under my pillow so the alarm blasts right in my ear.

That said- Hello!

I feel like I owe you all an explanation for the missed updates. I hate missing updates- however, my October has not yet gotten better. It’s about the same as September so far. You see, in early September Adam noticed that our air conditioner was leaking water. Because of the water damage, we have been sleeping in the living room ever since. For those of you in school, this means that for as long as you have been in classes this fall, I have not slept in a bedroom. I don’t like posting stuff like this because I rant very easily- but it’s obviously affecting the strip, so here we go. In this same time frame I’ve also had a cross-border vacation, gotten a cat, been sick for three weeks, moved in a new roommate, and had my grandpa’s funeral (oh, and I’ve been working too.) This week all of the stress came crashing down on Adam and me. We’re both wrecks. So I missed a couple updates. I think all in all, missing two updates for all of that bullshit is not the end of the world.

….and if you think it is please tell other people how much you love my comic.