I keep doing this and it always ends the same way. So help me, I just can’t resist the urge to pet a cat.

Oh man, so much going on this weekend. Adam’s family Christmas was nice, even though Squeak was terrified of the dog while it was here. To be fair, the dog did seem fairly determined to make a snack out of her- but we kept them in separate parts of the house once it was clear that they wouldn’t get along. Squeak, at least, seems to be fairly tolerant of other animals- which is a good omen, because Adam thinks she needs a cat friend. Yay~

This week I’m FINALLY not sick and I FINALLY don’t have any family emergencies and I FINALLY have a living space. Time to look for a new job like I was going to in September when my life started slowly falling apart. Oh- and I’m going to be doing some site updates and backlogging too.

Oh- and I’ve been meaning to ask all of you wonderful people this for a while: what’s your favourite comic(s) of mine?