So, Adam has been suggesting that we get another cat because Squeak gets lonely. Well, on Tuesday I went out and got one, and today has been mostly playing with it taking care of all the necessary new cat stuff.

Because of a recent adoption event all that the shelter had was kittens, and while Squeak is not quite happy with everything just yet and is currently on “supervised access only” she seems to be warming up to the idea of a playfriend fairly quickly. It’s only the second day and she’s already stopped being hostile. Tonight they were play chasing each other around the house. Squeak being chased by a tiny kitten is the most adorable thing ever. The kitten has a permanent unimpressed look because of its eye shape, though not as much as certain other cats. That said, she’s very friendly, energetic, and cuddly, even if she doesn’t look it. I’m thinking of naming her Dijon. Here’s the wallpaper version of this drawing. I have photos and videos aplenty to spam at a more reasonable hour.

Adam says I’m not allowed to get any more cats.

Maybe I should make an extras section so that people looking for stuff like this in the future have an easier time finding it.