Fun fact: This comic is equally ridiculous with all seasonal greetings! Just be happy, people.

True fact: If you become offended because someone sincerely wishes you well, you need to reevaluate yourself as a person. Merry Christmas.

Job fact: If the person telling you what to use a specific seasonal greeting is paying you money to do it, that’s okay- as long as you’re on the clock.

Comic fact: I did a guest comic for ARG today because he is sick and pitiful. Hopefully when I inevitably catch his bug at the holiday party or sketch jam he will show me the same mercy. It’s neat, you should read it…. unless you die at the sight of wieners because his website has some of those.

Cat fact: Mooch has graduated from “kitten” to “small cat.”

Cooking fact: Mercilessly kneading and resting the dough overnight, as well as not overloading with toppings and cooking at a high temperature are the secrets to good pizza.

Christmas fact: Enough people know about Saturnalia and Pagans that you can just make jokes about it or references to it instead of explaining it. If you want to find a fresh new December holiday to talk about, I suggest World Biodiversity Day (which is today!) or my birthday, which is traditionally celebrated by being too busy preparing for new year’s eve.

Author fact: I don’t know anything about World Biodiversity Day, I just googled “December Holidays” to find something different because I’m tired of hearing about Saturnalia.

Blog post fact: About halfway through I started writing these because I don’t want to go to bed.