Q: What is this?

It’s a webcomic.


Q: When’s it updated?

A: Right now? At least weekly.


Q: “Internet Webcomic?”

A: Isn’t it?


Q: No, really. Why would you give your webcomic such a cliche name?

A: I dunno. I don’t really have any main characters or topics to name my comic after, and I didn’t want to have the “combination-of-random-words” name that so pervades webcomics. “Internet Webcomic” just felt right. Besides, “The Website / Comic Strip on the Internet That, While Occasionally Autobiographical, Generally Covers Topics of Interest to the Creator: Ms. Mary H. Tanner” was too long, and I already had a short-lived “award-winning” webcomic of the same name in 2006.


Q: Why didn’t my comment show up?

A: I’m still fine tuning a lot of the site. At the moment comments need to be approved before they’re posted, but once you’ve been approved once you become an approved poster- the spam filter still occasionally holds comments for moderation, for some odd reason. I’m looking into possible options other than that (capachta would be ideal), along with adding user editing permissions.


Q: What if I have more questions?

A: E-mail me and I’ll either answer them or put them up here!